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>> bbc world news is presented by kcet, los angeles, funds is made possible by the freeman found of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation and john d. & catherine t. macarthur foundation and by union bank and by "pirate radio" a new comedy from focus features. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from
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small businesses to major corporations what can we do for you. >> in 1969, british gust banned rock n roll on radio until one american deejay and a band of renegades raided theary waves. >> this fall comes a comedy about a motley crew that saved rock n roll, "pirate radio" rated "r". >> now a brutal assessment of ambassador in kabul, welcome
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to "bbc world news," in america and around the globe. coming up later for you. the region that deeply troubles the kremlin, a special report where suicide bombings are now a daily reality, and a sniffer dog that turned in afghanistan after more than a year missing in action. >> hello, it's an unusual dark assessment of the condition of russia, in his second state of nation draegz, medvedev has described his country's mission in brutal terms, he wants
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complete overhaul, years of energy crisis has caused many problems, and many are in fear of loss of their job, and is he the man to deliver radical change. >> d mitt medvedev. >> 18 months after becoming president, mr. medvedev delivered a bleak and blunt message. the time is running out for russia to turn itself into a modern nation, with a strong stable economy. >> we should admit that we have not done enough to overcome the primitive structure of russia's economy, and our embarrass reliance on oil and gas.
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>> the political elite assembled here are not used to listening to such criticism of the way that they have been running the country. but they know that president medvedev is not the center of power. >> how are the good intentions implemented and will indeed will they be implemented? it's the majority in russia does not regard president medvedev as the center of the country. >> most believe that vladimir putin remains in control of russia, he and mr. medvedev are friends but now his plans for
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reform are being ignored. >> ile no one believes that plans for reform are coming to russia soon, president medvedev has the mission, what he lacks is the power to implement it. >> and more of the main news for you, the army psychiatrist that's the suspect in last week's rampage in texas, at fort hood, major hasan may face a 14th charge because one victim was pregnant. there is signs of a merger next year for iberia and british
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airways, shares for both airlines rose sharply on a deal. palestinian president says that there can't be a vote on the gaza strip. deciding strategy for afghanistan is one of the toughest decisions that president obama has to make, it could define his presidency. >> well, the president's decision just got a lot tougher. in a leak memo to the white house, his ambassador urged against sending more troops. that advice runs counter to the wishes of the top general in afghanistan. >>the president's dilemma has just deepened, after 22 wars of
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war council the choice is still tough to spend a 1 billion dollars on each troops sent. and this could mean afghanistan could be sent deeper in terrorism. at the last meeting the president said that the meeting was not open-ended, it leaves the top two men in the country at lagger heads. general chrystal wants more troops but his time is running out. and h7!ekarl eikenberry sent a message not to send in unless they clean up their act. >> i think that the corruption
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issue goes to the heart whether the people of afghanistan feels the government is on their side, working for them. >> the president's administration is still divided, and mcchrystal and robert gates and hillary clinton, skeptical that this will work. the president has not come down on one side or the other. >> it's an exclusive dilemma for the president, on the one hand if he waits for karzai to be reinvented, the administration may be beyond the tipping point. on the other side, if he puts the troops in now, and he's got a partner but all the troops in the world may not make
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afghanistan a better place. >> the president is in the far east and leaving the questions to be answered. the eikenberry telegram goes to the heart of the matter. >> doug, what do you make of eikenberry cable and his decision. >> i think that the president asked for his views. obama has a very difficult situation. he should have had this cogitation period back in the campaign when he tried to settle himself with hillary clinton and whether to get more out of afghanistan, and now there is no easy way out. >> where do you think he will fall? >> the decision makes no easy
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outs, obama tries to be in the middle on most issues, i don't mean that in the most critical sense, but if we don't beef up the forces, we could be sending a bad message to afghanistan. if he builds up the forces too much, he may raise expectations and leave an ugly exit down the road. >> do you think there has to be some timeline given? >> timelines are benchmarks, one of the two will emerge. if he wants to take the blame for this problem and put on other's shoulders. eikenberry's cable is helpful in that part, he says to put the target on karzai. >> as he goes to other areas, one problem of the host is that
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they were in afghanistan and not focused on asia. >> i think they will hear from obama that he's got more of a balanced agenda, but has this fear that he will get sucked up on something and eat up his time and attention. although some are willing to help but not many enough to help in this ircumstance. >> and you wrote that a 10-day trip is a big investment of a president's time. it's to say that we are back and paying attention, what is president obama to get out of this? >> i think it's not a pay-off soon, it's later. this is an unusual president that he's wiing to put up front that he will get results later. and for the political assistance and non-proliferation in iran and
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on global climate change. none of those will be in the short-term, and but he will point to actions and statements that there will be future pay offs. >> can we define this relationship, anis it different from what we saw from president bush? >> it's attempting to build on president bush's relationship but taking it a step forward. that we have problems manageable and not solved, and now we move on to the bigger issues, without china we can't deal with, with the global issues and requiring japan's involvement. >> and we will watch as that trip unfolds and look at the reaction back here in the states as to what president obama has to say. >> the campaign group human
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rights' watch has urged china to shut down hundreds of p%whñw that are said to be illegal, with abuse and many inside with petitioners, those trying to make complaints. the officials have denied that such jails exist. >> when jano needed help, he traveled from his hometown to beijing, and here to hope to get help but instead he was beaten and put in jail. >> after they caught me, i was inside and all three were holding me down, i couldn't breathe, they were deliberately trying to hurt me. >> these jails housed throughout in china's capital
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city. these are beaten and prevented from eating. one student alleges she was lock up and raped. >> after the jail, i hope that the legal system will crack down it on and make sure it never happens again. >> human rights says that china's black jails are hoping to stop this. >> petitioners are foreign in places like beijing, and one factor that we think has contributed, is that it's now an issue of local official job ratings, to keep petitioners to not go to beijing.
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>> there are few ways to make your voice heard, and earlier times, but hat't tribut. >> china's legal officials have come in after their own suspicion of death, and there the government is witnesses reform. but when it comes to black jails, bejings refuses to claim they exist. >> stay with us, if you can on "bbc world news," still it come, can iraq consider the cradle of civilization. first cambodia has had a thai
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foreigner and we have advisor already, and rocky relations have hit a new low. >> here as a self imposed exile, he still knows how to work a room, mr. taxton's appointment as an economic advisor for cambodia has a lot to do with that, and he is saying that the two countries should work together. >> prosper by neighbor, is the principle. a prosperous neighbor means better opportunities for us to grow together. of course not all of my partners see it that way. >> and he suggested that
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enforced absence from thailand may increase his exposure in cambodia. >> i will try to
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